Sunday, August 8, 2010

the choice

how do i get over you,
how do i forget what we
had? i need to accept,
that, you made your decision,
your choice. now i must
move forward, without you.
i guess, comfort, in a way, can
be found in that, in a parallel
universe, you chose the other
choice, and we are together, and
right now, we are holding

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's going on

songs of you flutter throughout
my mind, reminding me of
you, of us together. they bring me
back to the memory of the
hope i once had, but when the
music ends, so do i.

your image burns in my
heart and screams in every corner of my mind, the brief moments we were together feel more real in memory than all the time we've been

to feel the touch of you again, to
smell your brown hair, embrace your presence and melt at your smile,
now are all fleeting hopes, disappearing, like stars at the dawn.

Goodbye, my almost Love,

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