Monday, May 31, 2010


Music is nothing but a collection of frequently and different energy eaves of sound that, when they hit the matter of the inner ear are transformed into electrical impulses that the brain interprets as pleasant or not. In the whole of the universe nothing as extraordinary as that moment when the collection of chemicals released affect the emotion of the crature. or is it? What would it be to exist as energy? Energy never dies it is only transformed. This means that my beloved daughter, when her body died, her unique energy signature left the body and rejoined the universal energy which connects all matter, all energy, everything seen and unseen. Though the emotion if loss and suffering keeps me trapped in the moment she died, in a way I never left that vet clinic. Fucking time lines and fuxkkng not able to go back and save her. This universe this eistence sucks fuk it all! She was the best thing that ever happened to me she brought me out of isolation and showed me that I had the ability to be selfless and strong. Now here I sit without her and only her memory. I should take comfort in that she does still exist somewhere outthere and may even have been born into physical form again able to help another creature. I miss her so much though.

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